Edward Gardens

Edward Gardens provides the perfect escape from our urban environment and features 12 contemporary themed gardens spanning nearly four acres. They feature an array of flowers, plants, and rock displays. Wooden arch bridges, a waterwheel, fountains, and gazebos add to the charm of the gardens. These unique green spaces are designed for city dwellers to be able to engage with nature without having to leave the city.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Distance from Toronto: N/A
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Parking: Yes
Admission Cost: Paid Parking
Time of Year: All Seasons
Hours: 10:00am to 8:30pm

Trail Difficulty: Easy
Washroom Facilities: Yes
Swimming: No

Contact: (519) 856-9543

Extra Information:  
  • Edwards Gardens is attached to the Toronto Botanical Gardens.
  • There is a cafe with freshly prepared muffins, sweet scones, cookies, squares, ice cream, assorted snacks, vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches, Salads, Cold Drinks, Tea and Seattle’s Best Coffee. (Enjoy the patio in the spring and summer!)

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