Royal Botanical Gardens: What’s In Bloom?

If you are craving the sight and smell of flowers, put off your visit to the RBG until later in the season. In April 2019, spring has not arrived yet and nothing is in bloom.



Here is when to go to see your favourite flowers in Henrie Park, Laking Garden, Rock Garden, and the Arboretum:

Early May: redbuds, dogwoods, cherries, magnolias, crabapples, lilacs, Avenue of Trees, hostas

Late May: Iris and peonies, flowering trees and shrubs, lilacs, hostas

Early June: Iris, peonies, clematis, waterlilies perennials, late-blooming bulbs, hostas

Late June/Early July: roses, lilies, Medicinal garden, iris and peonies, clematis, perennials, hostas

Late July/August: roses, grasses, clematis, water lilies, hydrangeas, ornamental grasses, hostas

September: roses, grasses, clematis, hostas, Japanese maples, conifers, autumn colours

October (until Thanksgiving): reblooming iris, hostas, late-flowering bulbs, autumn colours

Thanksgiving through April: Mediterranean Garden, conifers





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