Heart Lake Conservation Area

Less than an hour drive from Toronto, Heart Lake Conservation Area is far enough removed from the city that you may even feel like you’ve driven up north. The lake is roughly shaped like a heart, so with a drone, you can get some pretty cool pictures. Hike through pathways that lead you around one of two kettle lakes, and into the forest. In the summer there is even zip-lining over the lake and ropes to swing yourself into the water. It’s also a great spot for picnics, late evening BBQs, and the perfect place to take a quiet walk and admire the leaves changing in fall. The conservation area is technically not open in the winter, but it’s still accessible to the public. Heart Lake becomes completely secluded and quiet with very few people, which makes it my favorite time to visit (it’s the best time to bring your dog, too).

Heart Lake Conservation AreaHeart Lake Conservation AreaHeart Lake Conservation Area


Peel Trail (3.8 km)
Terry Fox Trail (3.2 km)
Rayner Trail (0.7 km)
Heart Lake Trail (2.8 km)
Connector Trail (0.6 km)

Location: Brampton, Ontario
Distance from Toronto: 35 min
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Parking: Yes
Admission Cost: Check Here
Time of Year: All Seasons
Hours: 10:00am to 8:30pm

Trail Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Washroom Facilities: Yes
Swimming: Yes

Contact: (905) 846-2494

Heart Lake Conservation Area



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