8 Things That Are Bringing Me Joy Right Now

Life has been a little bit more difficult for everyone these days and finding joy can be harder to do, especially with the winter months coming. I wanted to share some of the ways that are helping me stay positive.

(1) My “Crackling” Fire Scented Candle

I’m sure you can find a ton of different kinds of these types of candles. Currently, I am using one that was gifted to me and it comes from Indigo. Hearing the crackling sounds, along with the woodsy smell makes me feel at peace. If I’m not able to be outside, it really helps make me feel closer to nature. I found one similar on Etsy to share with you. 

(2) Being In Nature

I’m sure it’s obvious by now that being in nature brings me joy. It’s a form of therapy for me and breathing in the fresh air is so refreshing, especially while living in a city 24/7. The best feeling is getting away from all the building and cars for a bit to enjoy the quiet of the wind or listen to the birds chirping.  


(3) Watching My Dogs Play

This is one that brings me so much joy on the daily. Before getting Dakota, I was so worried that Asia was going to freak out since she has a fear of all other dogs (but our other dog Maya). At first she was very apprehensive but in the last few weeks they have started playing multiple times a day and it’s the best thing to watch. It truly warms my heart that these two are getting along so well already.


(4) The “Calm” App

Designed to help with sleep and meditation, this app is very helpful at reducing anxiety and stress. When I’m not able to get into nature, hearing the sounds from the app can be super soothing. There is also an option where celebrities will read you soothing bedtime stories to help you fall asleep. 

Calm App

(5) Petnat Sparkling Wine

This wine is my favourite in the world. Bold statement but I’m keeping with it. It’s extremely light but bubbly and has such a refreshing taste. It comes from Australia so it’s not easy to find but when I do, I make sure to order a few bottles. It’s more of a summer or spring wine but for me I’m happy to enjoy it all year round.


(6) Waking Up For Sunrise

Usually I’m not one to be out of bed or even awake at all when it’s still dark outside. The last few months, my body has started naturally waking up right around 6:30am and I don’t hate it. I get to see a beautiful sunrise most mornings and it also makes me go to sleep earlier (which isn’t so bad either). I also feel like I’ve become more productive, because I’m fully awake by 8:00am.


(7) Baking Cookies

I found an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe I’m happy to share with everyone (if anyone is interested). They are truly addictive but in the best way possible. I like to throw in some rainbow sprinkles for extra fun.


(8) Watching Reality-TV

This one is an embarrassing one to share, but I’m feeling very open these days. 2020 was a year of people being more compassionate and revealing more about themselves, so I’m going to be more vulnerable and do the same. Sometimes all I need is something super light to make the time go by and it truly distracts me from everything else going on. Some of my favourites include Love Island, Big Brother, and The Bachelor (& The Bachelorette).

BONUS: Music has always been a huge part of my life and it is now more than ever. I love listening to some oldies (for me) that can bring me back to a time that I was really full of joy.



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