This Canadian Brand Uses Recycled Materials For Their Outerwear

If you’re looking to purchase from a Canadian-based company that is working on making better materials for the planet, you should check out Norden. The PETA-certified company’s mission is to create high-quality outerwear that is sustainable, ethically produced, but also, affordable.

I was lucky enough to ask the Norden team some questions and get some more details behind-the-scenes:

1. What made you decide to design sustainable coats?

Our mission at NORDEN is to provide you with those choices with outerwear that tends to the needs of our environment and makes you feel good outside. We aim to redefine outerwear. We are achieving this with a 360 approach – from design to sourcing, producing and shipping. Our entire business model is designed to have the smallest possible carbon footprint; consuming less energy, less water and giving off less GHG emissions than traditional manufacturing.  All of NORDEN fabrics and hardware are made from local recycled and repurposed materials, even our polyester, nylon, insulation and zippers. 

2. When was Norden founded?


3. Are you planning to branch out into other sustainable clothing?

Yes, we definitely are looking to expand our offering in terms of categories. Our Fall Winter 22 will bring much newness to the brand already, but we are looking to start offering leisure sportswear categories as well as transitional coats multi-function coats from Fall to Spring.

4. Many coats now have fake fur on their hoods. Is there a reason you decided not to do this or was it impossible to make sustainable fake fur.

Our designs are minimalist and streamlined; we do not feel the need to add fake fur for them to make a statement. They are inspired by Canadian landscapes with a Scandinavian twist and we prefer keeping the styles clean and timeless. Additionally, fake fur ages very badly and is hard to clean which is another reason why we did not add them to our designs. Our goal is to create coats that are made to last.

5. How do you differ from other sustainable coat companies?

We have had sustainability and good practices built from the start. Norden is not about trends but about sustainable solutions for both the planet and the people. We are constantly researching and learning about new materials, manufacturing ways and sustainable practices.  Our designs and manufacturing processes  is fully traceable and transparent

6. How are you getting the word out about your sustainable coats?

We are increasingly collaborating with content creators in North America to produce  quality content that reflects the brand as well as directly engage with their communities. This year, we are also planning to start partnering with Canadian brands so as to join forces and shine light on local talents.

7. Do you only sell in Canada?

Norden outerwear is available across North America online at .It is also carried by several retailers across Canada like:

  • Simons
  • Holt Renfrew
  • Sportscheck
  • Imperative
  • Moo Shoes
  • FGL
  • Modeco
  • A Kind Heart
  • Belle et Rebelle

Thank you again for gifting me a new puffer to help get me through the upcoming winter!

Featured image via Norden (@norden_project)


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