Unique Airbnbs That Should Be On Your Radar

If you’re looking to stay somewhere that is totally unique, there are so many different options around Ontario. You may not even know most of these places existed or were possible to rent. Many of the properties are for the more adventurous type, so be sure to check what kind of amenities are available before booking your stay. Make the most out of 2023 with a fun getaway that is truly one of a kind.

Forest Yurt

Location: Madoc, Ontario


Stay in the most immaculate yurt in the middle of the forest, surrounded by acres of property. The inside of the yurt is gorgeous and the entire experience was above my expectations. Even though there’s no running water, there are jugs of water provided so you can still wash your hands the old fashion way.

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Revolve Farms

Location: Lombardy, Ontario

This property offers a truly special and picturesque experience for visitors. This farm-to-table stay allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the countryside while indulging in incredible farm-fresh cuisine.

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The Red Tower

Location: Warkworth, Ontario

Image via Instagram/@ethanabitz
The Red Tower 2
Image via Instagram/@ethanabitz

Designed by artist and architect, Clive Russell with partner Sheree Rasmussen, The Red Tower was created for a truly unique experience. The tower is 10′ x 10′ and 18′ tall at the top of a hill on ecologically restored land with trails to explore. Each detail inside was designed to perfection and makes the best use of this space. Lounge on the large wooden deck during the days and toast up some s’mores in the evenings before snuggling into bed.

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Prince Edward County Church

Location: Ameliasburgh, Ontario

Prince Edward County Church - 15
Prince Edward County Church - 13

Originally built in 1888, The Massassagua United Church was converted into an Airbnb after renovations in 2019. You will be stunned by the decor of the church. The red brick exterior was kept during the renovations, creating a rustic feel in the most modern part of the home. It’s the perfect mix between old and new. Located on 2.3 acres, the backyard has tons of open space and gorgeous trees which back out onto the Bay of Quinte.

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Bubble Tents

Location: Whitney, Ontario

Experience a night under the stars in the transparent dome bubble tents at Four Corners Algonquin. You will enjoy your own personal Muskoka chairs, a bbq, picnic table and fire pit right on your site, along with a free day pass to Algonquin Provincial Park.  This exceptional property also offers weekend gear rentals, making it an ideal choice for those who aren’t experienced campers.

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Floating Geodesic Dome

Location: Essex County, Ontario

Image via Airbnb/Floating Geodesic Dome
Image via Airbnb/Floating Geodesic Dome

Take the private two-seater gator to transport you from your car to the other side of the creek where you will be staying. Situated along Fox Creek, the outdoor seating overlooks a winery on one side and water on the other (perfect for wildlife spotting). This one of a kind stay is available all four seasons. It’s considered a glamping experience with a little bit more luxury, with tons of amenities provided like air conditioning, electric space heaters, power bars to charge your electronics, a BBQ, a kitchenette, as well as small conveniences like shampoo, soap, towels, coffee, and more.

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